Peaceful Pathways – Doorways

Peaceful Pathways is a Council initiated program that aims to improve the physical and social connections in the Glenroy Major Activity Centre. It will explore what is possible in one of the many hidden spaces of Glenroy as a way of providing alternative pedestrian routes in and around Glenroy.

Doorways. Doorways is an installation that opens up a conversation with the community about Wheatsheaf Road and Glenroy’s laneways to explore what could be. Be part of it! We invite you to share your stories… Pick up a postcard from one of the Wheatsheaf Road businesses, the Glenroy Library, or Glenroy Citizens Services or download it …

Write, draw, share your thoughts about Wheatsheaf Road and/or Glenroy’s laneways on the back of the postcard. When finished find the Blue Door in the laneway off Wheatsheaf Road and put your postcard in the mail slot. For Moreland Council, Pollen Studio + Anthony Magen Design

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